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How Kakapo Systems Web Chat offers PPC tracking

The pay-per-click (PPC) marketplace has been very good for Google. According to Statista, in 2022, Google ad revenue amounted to $224 billion. That’s enough to float a couple of developing economies.

But are companies able to track the effectiveness of their PPC expenditures and specific campaigns?

Consider the travel retail industry. Customers searching for a holiday in Spain may be presented with several different adverts from the same or competing airlines.

If a customer clicks on an ad and subsequently starts a web chat with the airline contact centre, is there then a way to track which ad generated that engagement? Sometimes. Sometimes not.

To Follow the Money, Follow the Clicks – and Measure

“Many companies live and die by PPC,” said Steve Tutt, Commercial Director at Kakapo Systems. “The success or failure of PPC is their whole business, and it’s fundamental to them,” he explained.

A contact centre’s top-line cost structure is usually salaries and infrastructure costs. “Another major expense for BTC providers can be Google ad words,” Tutt said. “And many companies don’t have the granularity to know where they’re getting the most bang for their buck on that advertising expenditure.”

Tutt continued, “Analytics are key. Traditionally customers used separate call centre numbers for campaigns to track effectiveness. But now we do the same with web chats. So, if the customer has a monthly pay-per-click investment of, say, £20,000 per month, Kakapo can show how many of the resulting clicks from that campaign started from a web chat. And then we can show how many ended up as sales. It’s all mapped back to that £20,000 campaign.”

Track PPC With Precision

It isn’t easy to measure the success of PPC campaigns. It requires a lot of metrics to determine which ads are most effective.

Traditional metrics such as click-through rates and conversion rates provide valuable information but aren’t always enough to determine which ads are truly driving engagement or sales.

Kakapo integration tracks which URL web chats are starting on, allowing customers to understand which pages are driving better engagement.

“This information attributes any incoming web chats and conversion ratios back to the ad campaign. If you don’t know how well your PPC is working. You’re flying blind,” Tutt emphasized. “You can’t run a business if you don’t have those metrics.”

Measure Now. Save Later

Measuring PPC is essential because it provides advertisers with valuable insights into their ad performance and their advertising campaign effectiveness.

With an enhanced contact centre that enables web chat PPC tracking, businesses can see which ads generate the most clicks and conversions and which don’t.

This information can be used to fine-tune campaigns, improve ROI and gain greater insight into customer journeys. It provides marketing and contact centre teams with greater depth to improve their offerings.

They can also make better decisions about where to allocate their advertising budget, which keywords to bid on, and which ad creatives to use.

Discover how Kakapo’s Web Chat solution can enhance a contact centre’s PPC measurement capabilities and report on campaign engagement in detail, here

Original article ‘Kakapo Get Laser Focused on Pay-Per-Click‘ featured in UC Today April 2023

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