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Call Centers are the beating heart of customer communications and relations. Built within the BroadSoft architecture, the Unity application range provides cloud-based solutions that enhance all call center capabilities. With a broad range of modular and co-existing variants, Unity improves the operational efficiency of call centers, whilst bringing sweeping quality of life enhancements for call center teams and their customers.

Unity Call Center Features

Personal Wallboard

Displays agents own metrics, such as ‘Calls Answered’, as well as overall queue statistics such as ‘Calls In Queue’ and ‘Longest Wait’.

Team ACD State

Supervisors and agents can see the ACD State and availability of up to 30 of their colleagues.

Force Disposition Code

Agents are forced to assign a Disposition Code to the previous call when they select ‘Available’ ACD state.

Deep CRM Profiling

All incoming calls will be profiled against the CRM. This allows supervisors to make informed decisions about call prioritization as well as automatic journaling where appropriate.

Template Automation:

Settings for agents in the group can be saved in the Unity Cloud as a template and pushed for automatic configuration.

Full BroadSoft Integration

Designed to work with BroadSoft Standard and premium call center services, Unity supports all available features including inbound and outbound DNIS, ACD and Disposition codes. Supervisors have full visibility and control of their agents with configurable thresholds to alert them of potential problems.

Shot of a young call centre agent working on a computer in an office
Customer support operators working in call center

Applications Built to be Understood

Unity applications are fundamentally designed to facilitate genuine humantohuman connection through exceptional customer experiences. To ensure that this objective is met, Unity applications are built to be understood, and to provide a seamless, comfortable experience for users whilst equipping them with intelligent, easy to approach toolkits.

Commitment to Growth

The best software should grow inherently as a business does. By developing Unity applications to be cloudbased, easy-to-provision and with simple onboarding, there is potential for infinite scalability without bottlenecks. This makes Unity applications the perfect option for supporting and taking a leading role in assisting growth.

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Call Center Variants and Solutions

Unity Agent

Maximize the agent experience.

Unity Agent provides essential call handling, statistics, disposition codes and ACD control tools for agents and customer service teams.

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Unity Supervisor

Total Call Center Management

Elevate the management and monitoring potential of supervisors and customer service team leaders with Unity Supervisor. A powerful management and reporting console, Unity Supervisor provides invaluable live queue information along with agent management tools and BroadSoft reporting.

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Deep analytics for BroadSoft Call Centers

An intelligent analytics platform, offering real-time and historical data of a call center. A powerful replacement for legacy ECCR reporting.

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Unity Contact Center Client 

For the BroadSoft Cisco© Platform

Unity Contact Center is an overlay for the BroadSoft ACD call center that will support Web Chat, Web Call-Back, Email and Twitter queues. All media types are blended for the user, allowing them to multi-task different incoming customer traffic.

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Keep My Place in Queue (KMPIQ)

Keeps hold of customers by keeping them off hold

Intuitive virtual queueing software enabling inbound callers to request a call back, when they reach the front of the queue

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Unity Dashboard

Displays key call handling metrics in real-time

Visualize operations and encourage gamification with Unity Dashboard. A centralized, wall mount display offers a complete overview of call center operations, with tabular and graphical views.

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