Webinar: Unity Agent Web for BroadSoft

Webinar: Unity Agent Web for BroadSoft

agent web for broadsoft

This webinar is now over: View the recording here!

Providing critical call handling and queue visibility information from within the browser

Unity Agent Web can be run within the browser or within a wrapper. This provides maximum flexibility for users and service providers and still allows Unity to have a “normal” application behaviour with shortcuts and a stand-alone interface. Unity Agent Web is supported on Chrome, Edge and Firefox and can also be run in a wrapper on Linux.

With the ability to alert Supervisors and chat with colleagues, Unity Agent Web is an essential tool in improving call processing and maximizing customer service

Session highlights:

  • Personal Wallboard – Displays queue information and key call performance metrics
  • DNIS – Change the user’s outbound CallerID to be that of any call center
  • Call Center – Change ACD and queue join state
  • Supervisor Alert – Agents can alert perform an emergency escalation to a Supervisor
  • Queued Calls – Display all calls currently in the queue
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