Webinar: Unity for Teams

Webinar: Unity for Teams

Watch this 30 minute webinar to discover more about our NEW ‘Unity for Teams’ – which enables users to access Unity Web Applications seamlessly from within Microsoft Teams.

This significantly enhances the overall solution for organizations with a dependency on BroadWorks and Microsoft Teams, by pairing them into a single intuitive and clear platform.

View the recording below:

Presented by: Max Edwards


1)   Highlights of Kakapo Systems’ Unity for Teams

2)   See Unity for Teams in action. Watch a live demonstration:

+ How to download the app on Microsoft Teams/Company app.

+ Unity Call Center functionality within Teams.

+ Basic call demo (inbound/outbound) and call handling through Unity.

+ Unity Contact Center functionality within Teams

+ Settings to optimize Teams/Unity Experience.

3)   Q & A.