Webinar: Using Call Back Queues to Improve SLA

Webinar: Using Call Back Queues to Improve SLA

Callback queues for BroadSoft

How will the trend toward bespoke customer service experiences influence your customers? And your customers customers?

Digital Transformation has changed the expectation of customers and these behavioural changes cannot be met with traditional customer service channels. Customers do not want to phone a call center, they want help from an Agent. Why not do the queuing for them?

Date & Time: Tuesday 21st January 2020 4pm – 4:20pm GMT

Session Highlights:

– Uses your existing BroadSoft solution. Call Backs made using the BroadSoft extension for the ACD Agent or Hosted PBX user
– Agents can intelligently multi-task inbound ACD and outbound Call Back queues
– Pure cloud solution. Set-up customers in minutes. Copy and paste the JavaScript to your customers site to go live immediately
– Reporting, routing and configuration options for all customer use cases

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