General Contact Centre Enhancements

broadsoft webchat

Web Chat Transfer – Conversations can now be transferred to other Agents in the same media stream, provided the receiving Agent is not on DND.

Activity Log – The Call Logs tab in the contact center version of Unity Agent has now been changed to Activity Log and will show the last 30 web chat conversations received by the Agent. Clicking on a conversation will open a transcript of the chat and rating.

Web Chat Notifications – Agents can now use notifications to immediately take them to the most recent visitor comment for any of the web chats they are currently handling. This saves considerable time and means the Agent dopes not need to toggle to the main Unity interface to access the react to the mot recent incoming comment

Offline Notification – Agents are now notified if a current web chat visitor goes offline to save them responding to AWOL visitors. This could be because the visitor has closed the browser, their connection is down, or they have browsed to a page where the web chat is not installed. If they come back online within 60 seconds the Agent is notified and the session is restored.

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