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Read the article by UC TodayTracking Contact Center Performance Against Google AdWords Spend‘ based on an interview with our Commercial Director Steve Tutt.

Leading Cisco application innovator Kakapo Systems on the catch-all brilliance of its Unity Contact Centre PPC tracker

How much are you or your customers spending on Pay-Per-Click marketing?

Chances are it’s the second biggest expense next to staff – and, for some, that means it can run into tens or even hundreds of thousands a year.

Most of that is spent with Google Ads: a clever yet expensive combination of the science of Search Engine Optimisation and the blatancy of online ad-to-web click-through.

Although a widely-deployed sales tactic, the returns on investment have always been fiendishly tricky to quantify. Visitors may land on a custom web page via a Google ad, but do they click around the site? How long do they stay? What content do they consume? Do they start a web chat? Do they make a purchase?

Although Google provides data on how many clicks an ad attracted, that more granular, super-valuable intelligence has been impossible to capture – until now.

“When a brand is spending large amounts on PPC marketing, high-quality analysis of the results is essential,” says Steve Tutt, Commercial Director at leading enterprise communication application provider Kakapo Systems, whose powerful, white label Unity for Cisco BroadWorks contact centre platform tracks the entire PPC customer journey.“We can show how many Google Ad click-throughs started with a web chat and we can show how many ended up as sales. But, even more granular than that, we can capture customer call back data, web chat transcripts, and which pages were visited. It is extra intelligence that adds significant value to any PPC campaign and provides marketing and contact centre teams with greater depth to improve their offerings.”

In a world in which every business wants a customer’s attention and every customer demands an exceptional experience, the ability to create strong, compelling PPC campaigns is vital.

Tracking PPC expenditure and the Return-On-Investment (ROI) is essential for a successful campaign. Beyond that however, the mapping of customer journeys enables future strategies that target the best and re-evaluate the worst.

Traditionally, customer journey mapping and PPC tracking in Contact Centre environments has primarily been conducted through voice. However, with Unity Contact Center, PPC tracking and mapping customer journeys can be done through an enhanced web chat experience functionality.

Users simply click into a source tracking report which lists relevant PPC campaigns. Clicking into an individual campaign then reveals who made contact and when, and all associated web chat and call back data can be passed seamlessly to an agent to make an outbound follow-up call.

If the customer had begun a web chat, a transcript is provided, together with any links, PDFs or order forms that had been pushed.

“It’s rich data and information that extends way beyond what was previously available,” says Tutt. “It can be used to drive sales, build a customer base, design new marketing campaigns, and enhance ways of working. There’s lots of stuff in there that adds value.“In the B to C space, which is absolutely cut-throat, maximising the PPC bang-for-buck is critical. Our platform makes it very easy to obtain the supplementary information needed to provide that proper ROI analysis.”

To learn more about how Kakapo Systems can help your and your customers’ businesses get more from PPC campaigns, click here.

Original article: ‘Tracking Contact Center Performance Against Google AdWords Spend’ written by Simon Wright as featured in UC Today, May 2024


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