Kakapo Systems Announces the Launch of Unity for Teams Applications for Cisco BroadSoft Users | Press Release

Kakapo Systems release new Unity for Microsoft Teams applications for Cisco BroadSoft users

PRESS RELEASE London, United Kingdom, January 08, 2024, Kakapo Systems, a developer of end-user CCaaS apps for the Cisco© BroadSoft© platform, today announces the general availability of their ‘Unity for Teams’ applications. For the first time, this makes Unity Web Applications accessible for users within the Microsoft Teams interface.

Unity for Teams provides an enhanced, streamlined user experience to Unity users who are also required to utilize the Microsoft Teams platform. This is done by making the Unity Agent, Unity Supervisor and Unity Desktop web applications, accessible for homogenous use within the Microsoft Teams platform. Key features of Unity for Teams further includes the provision of BroadWorks business directories, access to Outlook contacts, and the powerful voice and call control ACD functionalities of BroadSoft that are harnessed by the Unity web applications.

Steve Tutt, Commercial Director at Kakapo Systems, says, “Microsoft Teams may be used by a staggering amount of businesses every day, but they are unable to do so in tandem with their BroadSoft directories or any associated functionality. Unity for Teams applications supply an adhesive between the two applications, converting them into a single solution that is empowered by Unity’s intuitive voice and call control offering.”

Unity for Teams utilizes its intelligent BroadSoft functionalities, to provide a richer calling experience to the native Microsoft Teams environment. In doing so, making Unity for Teams an essential solution for BroadWorks enabled organizations with a dependency on Microsoft Teams for interorganizational collaboration and management. By synergistically enabling access to the Unity For Teams applications from within the Microsoft Teams interface, users benefit from a refined navigational experience and the capability to utilize the benefits of both the Unity and Microsoft Teams applications, all from within a single, consolidated platform.

Unity for Teams applications are compatible with any Microsoft Teams work account. Options include Desktop, for UC users, as well as Agent and Supervisor to embed the BroadSoft ACD functionality within Microsoft Teams.

For more information on Unity for Teams, see: Unity for Teams (kakaposystems.com)

About Kakapo Systems
Kakapo Systems are white label software providers developing intelligent applications that enhance call and contact center offerings for the Cisco© BroadSoft© platform. Hosting an international client base, with design, research and development based across the United Kingdom and India. Kakapo Systems delivers best-in-class software solutions tailored to meet the requirements of small to medium businesses.

Vision360 is available for demo now: Unity for Teams (kakaposystems.com)


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