Keep My Place in Queue

Keep Hold of Customers by Keeping Them Off Hold

Eliminate abandoned calls, reduce stress levels and provide comfort for customers through Keep My Place in Queue (KMPIQ). By simply prompting inbound calling customers to ‘press 0’ to be called back when they reach the front of the queue, KMPIQ brings an end to physically waiting on hold, diluting peak periods and prioritizing the comfort of agents and callers.

Key Benefits

Comfort Customers

Lengthy hold periods dampen a potential customers perceived authority and can spark irritability with agents. KMPIQ unshackles inbound callers from physically waiting on hold, respecting their time and reaffirming their authority

Unburden Agents

The intensity of peak periods can cause significant stress to agents. KMPIQ alleviates agent stress by reducing the upfront volume of callers and subsequent burden on agents.

No ‘Slots’ Limitation

With KMPIQ, there is no limitation on slots, or the capacity for the number of call backs that can be queued. This makes KMPIQ.

Intuitive Engineering

Deploy with ease and avoid engineering costs. KMPIQ works with existing BroadSoft call center agent standard and premium, with no engineering required on BroadSoft platform.

Call Back Prompts

Adjustable to preference agents can either be prompted to make a KMPIQ call back when it reaches the top of their queue or have the call back dial automatically when an agent becomes available.

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Personal Wallboard

KMPIQ is equipped with its own configurable personal wallboard statistics which include; KMPIQ Unassigned, KMPIQ Assigned, KMPIQ Closed and KMPIQ Average Duration.

Reduce Abandoned Calls

By prompting callers to receive a KMPIQ call back, every callers is given an option to connect with an agent, effectively reducing abandoned calls to zero.

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Key Features

Call Back Control

Agents can end KMPIQ call backs without fully closing the conversation, allowing greater control over calls with options such as transferring and calling back again.

Agent Management

As a supervisor, assign, monitor and manage call backs across your contact center, with silent monitor and barge-in options available.


Easily build interface templates that are dedicated primarily to KMPIQ. Templates can be tailored to include only call and KMPIQ tracking metrics.

Dynamic ACD Integration

Answering a KMPIQ call back automatically sets the agent to unavailable, removing them from receiving calls in the queue until completion

BroadSoft Integration

Keep My Place in Queue is available on either BroadSoft Standard or Premium queues.

See KMPIQ in Action

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