Designed for BroadSoft Service Providers to Turbo Charge their Hosted PBX Solutions

Unity productivity solutions from Kakapo Systems can help you unlock the full capabilities of BroadSoft. All user touch points in the platform are exposed at a granular and unified level meaning you have smarter, more engaged and ultimately sticker user communities. Applications like Unity Reception build on the underlying power of the BroadSoft system and deepen your overall value proposition



Automatic Updates

Automatic support for new BroadWorks versions and new features available in those versions


Branding & Customization

Your logo on the customers desktop with customizable icons and names


Zero Touch Onboarding

Designed for Service Provider networks with virtually zero setup. Assign licenses through your portal or ours


Free Trials for All

The users BroadWorks username and password credentials are used to assign a license or access a 14-day trial


Extensive Roadmap

Bringing together contact centre, analytics, CRM and telephony. Ask us for the current roadmap


Global Support

Unity runs over the top of your existing BroadSoft infrastructure. Access first class, committed support, should the need arise

Assigning Licences

Unity uses the same hierarchy as BroadSoft where the server address is a unique identifier of the provider and Unity licences are assigned against the BroadSoft UserID, or MAC address for Unity Dashboard. When a user first connects the Enterprise, Reseller, Group and UserID path is created. If no license is currently assigned to the user a trial is automatically generated. Licenses can be assigned in two ways, manually in the Unity Portal or automatically via API


Manual Licence Assignment

Service provider admins can assign individual or pre-purchase groups of licences. When used with the optional auto-assignment settings, the later option allows the mass rollout of licences to the customer.


Unity API

Unity apps can be deployed as services within an existing Service Provider deployment provisioning process. Any licenses removed from subscribers are automatically moved back into the Service provider pool for reassignment

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Unity Cloud UC Solutions

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