SMS Connector

Enhance Unity with SMS

Unity SMS Integration is an add-on option for any base Unity seat meaning it can be added to Unity Desktop, Reception, Agent or Supervisor. As a point-to-point text solution this will allow users to send and receive SMS messages from within their unity application
This capability uses integration with Telestax, the worldwide leader in CPaaS enablement, where the Service Provider maintains accounts and billing relationships with their CPaaS provider and Unity provides the front-end user interface.

Key Benefits

Ad-hoc SMS Messaging

Instantly send an SMS to a number by keying it into the dial box without having to save it into a directory first.

SMS from CRM

Using Unity CRM Connector allows users to send an SMS to a CRM record without having to leave the Unity UI.

Multi-Media SMS

Non-text media, such as images and PDF’s, can be sent as links meaning you can send business communications that still count within your text-only bundles.

Simplified Provisioning

Any numbers that the Service Provider has assigned from the CPaaS provider can be assigned to a user in the Unity portal for immediate use.

Multiple SMS Numbers

Users can be assigned multiple SMS numbers, for example a US and UK number, to provide options on what number they text out from.

Single Interface

SMS messages can be sent and received the same as existing IM messages to other Unity or UC-One users.

Save to Directory

Users can save a received SMS number direct to their BroadSoft personal directory to find all future conversations grouped by name.

SMS Logging

All SMS mobile messages are conversation thread in the Call Logs, keeping all incoming call and SMS records in one place.

Send SMS messages using Unity

Turn Unity into an SMS tool. Creating an SMS media stream enables users to easily send SMS messages to customers, colleagues and CRM contacts within the Unity interface.

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Send files, links and images

Complete multi-media SMS support enables the sending multiple images, PDFs, files, hyperlinks and a range of document types straight to a customer’s mobile device.

Drill into full SMS transcripts

Manage conversations with ease and ensure detailed records. All SMS conversations are saved in the cloud allowing users to access them for deeper analysis and reporting.

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See SMS connector in action

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