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Solutions for Reducing Abandoned Calls

Abandoned calls are a significant problem for call and contact centers. Even if they are kept to a single digit percentage, they represent a lost sale, customer(s), or even revenue if complaints are considered along with the salary cost of processing. Without increasing available agents, which is not often a viable strategy, there is instead a reliance on intuitive software solutions to tackle the challenge of abandoned calls. Virtual queueing solution, Keep My Place in Queue (KMPIQ) allows inbound calling customers to request a call back after reaching the front of a queue, and call back channels enable customers to be phoned back at an agents convenience. Both solutions work towards the elimination of abandoned calls by removing the instant requirement of an available agent, without forcing potential customers into awkward waiting scenarios such as being physically on hold.

Callback Queues for Unity Contact Center

If A Customer Can’t Call You, Call Them

Call backs are an extremely efficient way of reversing the dynamic of inbound call centers. A calling customer may be presented with a lengthy hold time and in turn, be less enthusiastic on finally connecting with an agent as opposed to if they had an option to be phoned at their own convenience. By allowing a customer to request a call back via a website widget, this provides an additional layer of comfort, respecting their time whilst additionally reducing the burden on agents during busy periods

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Keep My Place in Queue (KMPIQ)

Software That Queues for Customers

Nobody wants to be kept physically on hold. Keep My Place in Queue (KMPIQ) is a virtual queuing software that prompts inbound callers to simply ‘press 0’ to be called back once they’ve reached the front of the queue. By enabling this choice for customers, abandoned calls are avoided as they can hang up, safe in the knowledge an agent will get back to them.

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Unity Supervisor (Unity Contact Center) 

Dynamically Reorder Queues

A foundational solution to managing high volume queues can be deployed within Unity Contact Center itself. The Unity Supervisor workspace interface provides supervisors with real-time queue statistics, enabling agents to be moved to high priority queues in real-time, ensuring that abandoned calls can be avoided by reinforcing struggling queues with additional agents, where required.

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