Solution: Maximize Queue Management

Solution: Maximize Queue Reordering and Management

Queues are the super-highways connecting customers to businesses. From routing phases to thresholds and alerts, their management and monitoring is critical to fluid operation and most importantly, satisfied customers.  

Unity applications contain robust tools for the optimization of queues, along with essential management features that maximize the control supervisors and team leaders have.  

This enables quick, on-the-go decision making, reinforced by the knowledge made available by detailed queue statistics, ensuring that direct, actionable changes to queues can be made in real-time.  

Key Benefits at a Glance

Reassign agents based on dynamic queue variables 

Set VIP status for individuals so that they can avoid queues  

Prioritize previously abandoned callers to the front of queues 

Grant supervisors and team leaders extra layers of control and management over all queues  

Key Highlights

Put the ‘Very Important’ in VIP

A lengthy negotiation period or continued service may deem certain customers as VIPs. Regardless of the reasoning, its important that these individuals do not find themselves stuck in a queue or unable to connect with an agent if critically required. Through Unity, customers deemed as VIP can be promoted to the front of queues to ensure they receive a quick service representative of their status.


Prioritize Abandoned Callers

An abandoned call is a missed opportunity for businesses and customers. For a potential or existing customer, this may also lead to a burnt bridge. To provide an apologetic, actionable response to abandoned calls, Unity enables the ability to prioritize abandoned callers within queues, so that on their next attempt to contact, they are given the exceptional customer service expected.

React, Respond, Reorder

In a live operational environment, queues require responses based on ever changing variables. If thresholds are exceeded in one queue, it may require levying from another. Or, if agents are idle in queues that have seen no traffic, their expertise may be better used spread across active existing channels.  

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Customer support operators working in call center

Be Prepared With Thresholds 

Queue volumes can change drastically and without warning. In busy environments with multiple queues, balancing resources can be a tight-rope.  

By enabling the creation of customizable thresholds and alerts, Unity provides the tools for supervisors to stay informed on queue conditions across the entire spectrum of their call center environment.  

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