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On a second-by-second basis, an abundance of metrics passes through call and contact centers. Exploiting this to maximize performance, requires a comprehensive overview of data.

Dashboards provide a central location for monitoring, optimizing and spotting emerging trends for call and contact centers. As strong visual reporting tools, dashboards enable customer service managers and their teams the ability to choose which relevant contact center metrics and KPIs they wish to monitor in real-time.

For agents and team members, dashboards also provide a detailed overview of daily performance. This makes them the perfect tool for centralizing gamification and making sure that every team member is kept in the loop on performance across the width of a call or contact center.

The Unity software product range features a variety of dashboards that include: Unity Dashboard, Unity Contact Center Dashboard, Vision 360 Dashboard.

Features at a Glance

All our software products dashboards have the following common features:

At-a-Glance Metrics

Graphical and tabular displays of critical contact center metrics


Extensive real-time configurable statistics

Customizable Thresholds and Alerts

Gamification Maximized

Gamification can be centralized through robust dashboard display

Related Products with Real-Time Dashboards

Vision 360 Dashboard

An enhanced evolution of the Unity Dashboard, taking the best of a traditional dashboard and combining it with a powerful analytics platform.

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Unity Contact Center Dashboard

Both an operational dashboard and interface for engaging with the various Unity toolkits. Queue statistics, conversation logs and much more are all displayed.

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Unity Dashboard

An intuitive, traditional dashboard providing call and contact center.

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Key Highlights of Real-Time Dashboard Solutions

Call and Content Center Performance Visualized

Dashboards can be customized to the unique requirements of users. Real-time displays supporting both graphical and tabular representations can be chosen alongside a range of configurable statistics covering every aspect of call and contact centers.

Image showing: Vision360

Mockup image of a woman using and typing on laptop with blank white desktop screen on wooden table
Unity Dashboard_Threshold and alerts

 Queues Accurately Monitored

Monitor queue statistics and track their performance alongside customizable thresholds and alerts. With supervisors given access to queue reordering tools, utilize the Unity Contact Center interfaces dashboard to gain quick, informative insights or reflect on a traditional dashboard to see where decisions are needed and how best to implement them.

Image showing: Unity Contact Center Dashboard

Incentivize Inspiration Through Gamification

Competition drives individuals as much as it does businesses. Inspire, incentivize and encourage agents by using the dashboard for gamification. Display a leader board with the top 5 agents for answered calls to foster friendly competition. Or, promote collaborative improvement by displaying abandoned call rate with goals to improve, the choice is yours with much more gamification potential.

Image showing: Unity Contact Center Dashboard

See Real-Time Dashboards in Action

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