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Solution: Abandoned Call Reduction

Intelligent software for eliminating abandoned calls: Virtual queueing solution, Keep My Place in Queue (KMPIQ) allows inbound calling customers to request a call back after reaching the front of a queue, and having a call back channel as part of a Contact Center enable customers to be phoned back at an agents convenience.

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Presence-based scripting3
Presence-based scripting2

Solution: Tracking customer journeys from PPC ad campaigns

Unity Contact Center Web Chat functionality allows SMBs to know which PPC ad campaign resulted in a customer making contact via the webchat widget on the website and which web pages the customer has visited.

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Solution: Elevating Customer Experience (CX) for Web Chat and Callbacks

The ‘Presence-based scripting’ functionality of our software enables a business to customize both Web Chat and Call Backs widgets used on webpages. Customization includes whether the widgets appear on the website, what message is displayed and to communicate a company’s operating hours and availability of Agents.

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Presence-based scripting
Customer support operators working in call center

Solution: Plug and Play Deployments

Our suite of software products are all designed around a shared ethos of plug and play deployment. We understand that the requirement for extensive training, or additional engineering related staff is to the detriment of many call or contact centers. Our solution? To provide bespoke software products that carries feature-rich toolkits —all accessible through easy to understand, simple to navigate interfaces.

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