Unity Contact Center Dashboard

Track KPI Metrics to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Unity Contact Center Dashboard for Unity Contact Center equips managers and team leaders to stay ahead of customer demand, dynamically manage agents and ensure the Contact Center delivers consistent, high quality customer experiences around the clock.

The Contact Center Dashboard in the Unity Portal is an essential management and visualization tool. Users can monitor real-time visibility of conditions across the Contact Center to dynamically manage resources. Current and historical behavior can both be viewed, to gain insight and compare data to provide more in-depth analysis.

By comparing how many Call, Web Chats, X (formerly known as Twitter), Email, SMS and Callback conversations the Contact Center receives by the hour, day and month, teams can easily understand and intelligently manage peak times.

Contact Center performance Understood

Built with simplicity in mind, the dashboard provides complete oversight. Users can quickly understand how all calls, callbacks, webchats, email, SMS, and X (formerly known as Twitter) queues are behaving, along with how agents are performing – across the entire Contact Center, in real-time.

Where Do The Agents Need To Be?

Users gain intuitive agent assignment tools. Customer service levels can be managed with the use of the dashboard in order to gain an understanding of available agents and where to assign them.  By toggling the bar chart historical activity can be viewed, including by hour, days and weeks, for even deeper insight into peak and trough periods and develop pre-emptive assignment strategies.

Real-time Behavior Monitored

Users can understand how all Agents and media streams are behaving right now to quickly make informed decisions.

Establish What’s Happening Right Now

Are there more missed than answered conversations? Could it be because there’s only 5 out of 17 Agents joined to the queue?

Agent Gamification

Encourage self-management and competition among Agents with Dashboard as the leader board.

See key performance indicators with ease, such as which agents are answering the most Web Chats and who’s receiving the best feedback from customers?

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Key Features and Benefits

Hour, Day & Month

Discover the busiest times and learn how the Queues are performing compared to last month

Agent Gamification

Encourage competition with the top performing Agent stats for Queues and Media Streams

Conversation Outcome

Answered, missed and unstaffed statistics highlight how conversations are being handled.

Live Conversations vs Conversations waiting

View how many conversations are in-progress and how many are waiting in the queue.

Deeper Performance Insight

Examine the performance of the overall Contact Center, Queues and individual Media Streams

Agent Distribution

Understand when and where to assign Agents to improve overall customer service

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