Templates are XML files with Unity Agent and Supervisors settings pre-configured. They can be generated by saving a config file from within Unity settings. Simply configure a single user and then save the template. This will save the XML file at the Group level in the Unity portal, where it can be assigned to other Agents and Supervisors in the customer business. You can also save different templates, such as Operations and Sales Agents, with different settings.

Unity agent templates

Templates can be assigned with locked or unlocked settings:

Automated Configuration – Pre-configure Agent & Supervisor settings, including statistics displayed and call centre membership

Lock Settings – By default, once a template has been assigned the user cannot make any service changes. All configuration options are now greyed out for them

Single Use – This will configure settings but allow the user to override locally. “Single Use” is a flag in the Branding tab in the Unity portal where templates are assigned

Templates can be generated at an Enterprise level and assigned to users within Groups in the Enterprise. They are assigned either individually to the user or via Auto Assignment, where any Agent or Supervisor that connects will be pushed the Template

The following settings can be stored in a Template:
– Statistics displayed in Personal Wallboard
– Thresholds in Personal Wallboard
– Call centre passwords and default password
– Start-up, desktop lock/unlock and post call ACD state
– All ACD and UC service assignment settings

Download the templates user guide here

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