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Unity with the Power of HTML5

Featuring the advanced functionality of the Windows Unity Apps, the Unity Web Apps can be run on any Windows, Mac and Linux machine with an internet connection.

Providing maximum flexibility for users and service providers Unity Web Apps have a “normal” application behaviour with shortcuts and a stand-alone interface in a browser.

Unity Web App Features

CRM in Queue

Clean Layout

Users can see their colleagues, live calls and controls within a simple landscape layout

ACD State

User Choice

Perform actions using mouse clicks, drag & drop and shortcut codes providing flexibility of use

Team ACD State

Intuitive Interface

Sleek and modern interface featuring buttons and icons reduces training requirements

Inbound & Outbound

Maximum Flexibility

Run within an internet browser on Windows, Mac and Linux machines

Tabular & Graphical View

Multiple Browser Support

Unity Web Apps are available on Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari

Web App Variants



Simplifies the making and receiving of inbound and outbound calls

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Unity Agent

Call handling, statistics, disposition codes and ACD control

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Unity Supervisor

Coming soon!



Coming soon!